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Pets love to run indoors as long as they find something interesting to chase/play. But, they find the outdoor more intriguing. The scents make them go nuts, they will run away at the very instance they get an opportunity. Only then we realize the ease of finding our pets using the best pet tags.

Therefore, you are at the right place for finding the tag for your pet and cut the stress for pet rescue drastically.

Editor’s Top Pick: GoTags Pet Id Tags

diy dog tag


The best pet tags from GoTags, made of rugged and think stainless steel material is ought to last for decades. Looking at the cheap pet tag, it is surprising to see the cool dog tags with engraving up to 8 lines. Along with that, this unique dog tag is not just available in one shape but whooping 9 shapes in total.

Best Pet Tags for 2019 – At a Glance

Editor's Picks
GoTags Pet Id Tags
Our Best Pick
Providence Engraving Pet ID Tags
Budget Pick
Leash Boss Boomerang Cat and Dog ID Tags
Premium Pick
GoTags Slide-On Pet ID Tags
2nd Best Pick

**Rated by experts at Petlovesbest at the time of publication. It has nothing to do with Amazon ratings and reviews.

We curated best lists based on different needs of pet parents. It can be a custom, cool, unique, designer, engraved, stainless, brass, or pictured ID Tags. You can buy it based on your requirements.

What are Pet Tags?

A pet tag is a simple tag with engraved or embossed contact detail. Hence, a person who finds your pet can contact you looking at the tag of your pet. In this manner, you will have the helping hand when your pet gets lost and does not return.

However, relying totally on a cool cat or dog name tag does not seem to be a relieving option when the pet actually is lost. Of course, you would like to make every effort possible to find your pet as soon as possible.

Pets are notorious for using their Houdini skills and running away. This is just an everyday story for the pet parents who try their best to hold their pets inside the house’s premises. In fact, a few of us have done a lot to find our pets in those situations.

On the contrary, there would be slight hope when have used the cool dog tags. Because someone kind will call us to inform the location where they found our pet.

Best Pet Tags for Cats and Dogs Reviews

Find reviews of the best pet tags in this section. Get to know the dog tags for pets made of steel, aluminum, plastic, etc.

#1. GoTags Stainless Steel Cool Pet Tags for Dogs and Cats

GoTags is the best pet tag dominating all other tags for pets with its stainless steel pet tag. This is a series of nine different pet tags to choose from. All of these tags are made up of the similar stainless material of identical thickness and about similar size.

best dog tags


Furthermore, these tags have an optimal 8 lines of engraving space. However, there are two sides which constitute as the engraving space. It means, one side of the tag can have 4 lines and the rest 4 lines will be at the rear even on the star tag or the flower tag. They are a perfect example of double-sided dog tags.

  • Material of Tag: Stainless Steel
  • Number of Lines(Space): 8
  • Custom Design: No

Additionally, this brand doesn’t just provide you with 9 pet tag variants but also they provide different size options. You can choose either puppy tags for pets measuring 1.3×1.3 inches or a large variant. They are durable ID tags.

Choose the best pet tags design from 9 various stainless steel tag options.

In this manner, this is a suitable cute dog tag for the pets who wear a collar(with a saddle ring). Otherwise, you will need to order a tag collar with a an extra ring or carabiner.

  • 9 different pet tag shape options to choose from.
  • 2 different size options to choose from.
  • These are lustrous stainless steel pet tags that last long.
  • You can engrave 8 lines at the front and rear of the tag in total.
  • You will need to buy a collar if you don’t use one for your pet.
  • Getting this pet tag is not cheap.

#2. Providence Engraving Pet ID Tags

Starting with the Providence tags, it is a series of cool pet tags. The dog tags for pets from this brand are about seven types to select from. It even includes the complex options.

small dog tags


Along with that, the maker of these cool pet tags has great expertise with the unique pet id tags custom engraving. They will allow you to either have 8 lines of engraving or have a combination of lines and symbol. The other option of going for 4 lines on one side and a symbol on another side.

  • Material of Tag: Stainless Steel
  • Number of Lines(Space): 8
  • Custom Design: No

Having said that, you get to select a pictured tag of either a cat’s face or a paw. Hence, you do not have a luxury of more options in case of symbols.

Pet tag with 7 different variants and two different sizes is made up of anodized aluminum material.

Not to mention, this brand allows you to choose the size option from its two different variants.

  • Providence is a popular pet tags brand making anodized aluminum tags.
  • Allows you to customize the engraving lines and even engraving a symbol.
  • Very cheap pet tag online is just amazing.
  • 7 shape options to select from.
  • 2 sizes of the apparent cool tags for pets are available.
  • The thickness of the anodized aluminum does not seem sufficiently done(because of cost-cutting).

#3. Leash Boss Boomerang Cat and Dog ID Tags

Moving from the conventional pet tags to the very convenient cool tags. The Leash Boss is one of the best dog tags on our reviews list. Because it has an easy to pin and unpin tangle clips. All you have to do is insert the collar belt by folding it inside the tangle clips. It will work as collar tag in 2019.

buy dog tags


Additionally, this clipper mechanism is called a Boomerang pet tags mechanism. This tag firmly sits on the collar of your pet and its rear side hides due to the belt. Hence, this tag will allow you to customize up to 5 lines because of its space limitations.

  • Material of Tag: Stainless Steel
  • Number of Lines(Space): 8
  • Custom Design: No

Further, this pet tag is called Boomerang dog tag still bears the brand name of Leash Boss. It is because this pet tag is the result of a joint effort from both the brands in partnership ties.

A heavy duty tags for dogs made of stainless material is meant to last for life time.

Lastly, this cool dog tags for pets will be useful when they tend to go rambunctious. Since this is the only rugged tag which will last with them.

  • 5 line engraving space.
  • Tough and long lasting pet tag.
  • Easy to attach and detach tag on the collar.
  • The apparent cool pet tags do not have the rear side for engraving.

#4. GoTags Slide-On Pet ID Tags

Coming to the pet tag which seems similar to the one we have seen earlier i.e. the Leash Boss – Boomerang tag collar. The apparent one also has the clipper mechanism which allows you to easily insert or detach the pet tag from the collar.

star wars dog tags


Furthermore, these pet tags from GoTags is one of the awesome dog tags for its quality. However, it lacked quality or two which resulted in ranking this unique tag lower than the Boomerang tags.

  • Material of Tag: Stainless Steel
  • Number of Lines(Space): 4
  • Custom Design: No

That said, the GoTags for pets allows you to go for only 4 lines of engraving. In this case, there is only one side of the tag available for engraving. Since the collar will cover the rear face of the tag.

A pet tag is available in four different size options and easy to clip enclosure. 

This tag can be a little difficult to accommodate all the contact details because of its limited space. Therefore, you will have to customize the tag limited words in total.

  • A tough and long lasting pet tag makes.
  • Easy to clip to collar because of its slit clipper.
  • Custom text engraving option is just limited to 4 lines.

#5. GoTags Designer Pet ID Personalized Dog and Cat Tag

A review of the embossed dog tags for pets is about the awesome tag from the same brand you saw previously – GoTags.

pet tag machine


There is a huge difference in the two unique pet tags that you are reading now and the previous. Although GoTags for pets have manufactured both the tag they have different designs.

  • Material of Tag: Stainless Steel
  • Number of Lines(Space): 4
  • Custom Design: No

In addition to that, this is a stainless steel heavy duty dog tag with a mirror like finish. On the contrary, there is a provision of custom text engraving limited to 4 lines.

A mirror like stainless steel finish and of 6 different designs and four sizes.

Laslty, all you have to do is select the perfect design and customize the text space for engraving your contact details.

  • Six different free pet tags options to choose from.
  • It is easy to attach with any pet collar.
  • Mirror-like finish of the unique pet id tags made of stainless steel are modern.
  • The engraving space of only 4 lines is available.
  • This tag will cost a bit more than other tags for the pets on the list because of its mirror finish and design.

#6. Heart Swaroski Zirconia Pet Tag ID

Here, we have perfect pet jewelry namely the customized pet tags. This is a completely custom pet tag with a cool dog or cat name tag with a single piece of text word is made possible. If you are looking for an engravable cat or dog tags, you can end your research here.

silly dog tags


However, this tag again allows you to engrave up to 5 lines of details on its rear face. It will accommodate most of the contact details just like other dog tags.

  • Material of Tag: Polished Stainless Steel
  • Number of Lines(Space): 5
  • Custom Design: Yes

In addition to that, this pet tag will have space for a single piece of text on its front face. The brand allows you to choose from its wide free tags for the dogs font styles.

Get a bling pet jewelry with the option to engrave your pet’s name on its front face, up to 5 lines on its rear face in a unique pet id tags font you choose.

This is a highly polished pet tag which will reflect your face. In fact, this is a rugged tag and not regular delicate jewelry.

  • Double face of the tag accommodates text pieces engraving work.
  • Choose the font-style you like from a wide range of fonts.
  • Rear face of the tag has space to accommodate up to 5 lines of engraving.
  • It is a highly polished pet tag.
  • This tag is expensive compared to most other cool tags on our review list.

#7. Providence Pet ID Tags 8 Lines of Engraving

Coming to the custom- pet tag again, this is slighty different product than the one we saw above. Here, you will get total 8 lines of text stamped.

quiet dog tags


Additionally, this diy dog tag comes in seven different shapes which eve inludes with embossing and engraving texture.

  • Material of Tag: Stainless Steel
  • Number of Lines(Space): 8
  • Custom Design: Yes

Furthermore, this a regular pet tag with a ring attachemnt which makes it easy to hook on the pet collar.

Select your favorite pet tag shape out of 7 different shapes and a color out of nine options.

This pet tag comes in a different size and color options. In this manner, the manufacturer of the pet tag allows you to customize this tag completely before buying.

  • 7 different cool pet tags shapes to choose form.
  • 9 different color options to choose from.
  • You can go for any of the two sizes of the pet tag.
  • It has a space engraving 8 lines.
  • Anodized aluminum is not thick a tag that lasts for decades.

#8. Paw Print Stainless Steel Dog Tags for Pets

Paw print is again a custom pet tag which you will find appealing if you like its layered embossed design.

engraved dog tag for pets


Furthermore, this tag is more of a dog tag than a general pet tag. Because it has a layered design of a dog’s paw. On the other side of the pet identification tag, it has a space to accommodate 4 lines.

  • Material of Tag: Polished Stainless Steel
  • Number of Lines(Space): 4
  • Custom Design: Yes

The pet tag over here is not a regular stainless steel tag. It comes with a highly polished texture. Additionally, the brand of this tag allows you to get the perfect size of the tag out of its two different sizes.

Pet tag comes with two different size options and a silencer along with it.

Needless to mention, this pet tag comes with rubber tags silencer along with the cheap pet tags. It costs a dollar or two more on the basic price of the tag.

  • These are the unique pet id tags you will ever find.
  • It is a highly polished stainless steel custom pet tag.
  • There is a dual tone metal layer for the design of the paw.
  • The pet tag has a space of engraving only 4 lines.
  • Rubber dog tags/silicon tag cover is not included in the deal.

#9. Funny Dog Tags and Cat Tags Personalized Lines

This awesome dog tag leads to the beginning of the end of the pet tag reviews. This a third entry from the pet tag brand we have seen twice before. However, this is nothing like the tags for pets you’ve seen before. These pet tags have the pre-written text if you want to have a tag with a tagline.

dog tags for pets


Moreover, these taglines are pet oriented and suggest the person(reading it) to contact the pet’s parents. You can see an example in the image above, how a tag can be suggestive of anything.

  • Material of Tag: Anodized Aluminum
  • Number of Lines(Space): 4
  • Custom Design: Yes

In contrast to the merits of these pet name tags, there is a demerit too. Adding to the fact, you can only get to engrave 4 lines at the rear face of the pet tag.

Anodized aluminum pet tag comes in a different tagline pre-written format.

GoTags have dominated the whole pet tag reviews with its vivid tags for pets. In fact, the apparent pre-written cool tags have clearly been the well-thought idea ever. However, the only problem with this tag is that you cannot engrave more than 4 lines.

  • Pet tag with eight shape and pre-written pieces of text options.
  • It comes with 8 color options to choose from.
  • You cannot engrave more than 4 lines.
  • In fact, the front taglines shall have the customization options.

#10. GoTags Custom US Military Dog Tag Personalized ID Set

What can a better way to end the best pet tags review than reviewing the doc tags for pets? This is again an entry from the same brand we have seen for most of the unique tags.

pet tags


This is a military grade doc tags meant for the pets. It comes with five lines a tag with a heavy duty dog tag silencer on each of two tags for pets.

  • Material of Tag: Stainless Steel
  • Number of Lines(Space): 5 Each
  • Custom Design: No

Additionally, this is a rugged military-grade doc tag which you can use for your pets. It has a tough stainless steel material. In fact, there are eight color options available to make your dog look cuter with those cool dog tags.

The military grade doc tag for pets with silencer cover that too, in sixteen different colors – including gold is a great provision.

In the end, the best part about having this doc tag on your pet is that you get to have 5 lines of engraving the text on each tag.

  • 8 color options in doc tags and 16 for the silencer to choose from.
  • It allows engraving of 5 lines per doc tag.
  • Both of the tags come with silencers that too in
  • Nohting in specific.


All of the pet tags on our best dog tags review list has custom engraving with minimum 4 to a maximum of 8 lines. In fact, some of the tags for pets feature the custom design option. All we have to say in this matter don’t delay getting a pet tag. You can go with any of the pet tags for your cat, dog, or other pet you own who tends to run away and can wear a collar.


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