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The Greek philosopher, Ludwig Feuerbach said that ‘a man is what he eats’. This is true for dogs too, i.e. a dog is what he eats. It has a greater implication on you, as a pet parent you are more responsible for what your dog eats. A dog will be what his master feeds him, as simple as that. Moreover, you also want to feed your dog nothing but the best dog food.

Better dog food you choose makes you better at nurturing a dog. See which dog is the best for your dog and make sure you refer the nutrients need thoroughly before reading the factors to consider before buying a dogs food brand.


Our Favorite Highly Rated Dog Food Products

In case if you happen to know about your dog and his food preferences really well and want to know what is the best dog food? Well, here it is, look at the summary below:

Best Organic Dog Food

organic dog foodWellness Simple Natural Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food: Wellness is the brand renown for its best quality products and consistent quality production. This company manufactures dog’s food over a wider range. Additionally, most of which dominates the dog’s food market.

Coming to ‘Simple’, this product line is the best according to many vets and users. It has none of the harsh ingredients which will not even affect a sensitive dog. Furthermore, it has almost every important nutrient which a dog needs for complete nourishment.


Best Natural Dog Food

natural dog foodCastor & Pollux Organix Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe: This one here is an epitome of the natural and raw food products for dogs. Castor & Pollux too dominate the pet food industry with its healthy and raw recipes. In addition to it, this product has an ever-increasing demand for its quality meals.

If your dog does not do well on other food products due to lower immunity then this recipe would nourish him well without any side effects. Sometimes, dogs cannot adapt to the processed foods. Nevertheless, despite having picky eating habits or lower immunity this product will suit your dog.


Best Human Grade Dog Food

fromm dog food reviews

Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Organic Grain Dog Food: FDA and USDA in some of the foods regulate human foods and dog foods both. However, dog’s food does not have strict and precise regulatory guidelines while that of humans does.

Therefore, it becomes much more important for a pet parent to choose a human grade food for a dog to have utmost quality ingredients.

Honest Kitchen is one such protagonist which delivers the human grade food for dogs. It has some important nutrients and negligible processing during the production of a particular recipe. Moreover, this brand name is more renown for its high-quality human grade dog foods.


Best Cheap Dog Food


American Natural Premium Ocean Fish Meal & Potato Recipe: Here we do not mean cheap in terms of quality but only price. It is obvious that owning a dog will bag some huge bills into your daily lives. On the other hand, choosing the best for a dog also results in costing much more than you can expect.

Nevertheless, ANP is one such brand which produces the best quality dog foods in considerable budget price tags. You can hardly find this brand in the pet stores or supermarkets because of its thin sales channel. Yes, this one is comparatively a smaller manufacturer but that does not mean it is anywhere lesser than the prominent ones.

You can even go through a detailed brand review of ANP on our website. There we have discussed every perspective you would want to know about this brand before trying.


Best Dry Dog Food

best dry dog foodTaste of the Wild – High Prairie Canine Formula: Taste of the Wild is undoubtedly the best food for a dog, most of us will agree on that. This brand is one of the most renown dog meal companies. Adding to the fact, it also has considerable dominance in the market compared to any other manufacturer.

TOTW produces a wider range of dog meals dedicated to individual lifestage, breed size, focused recipes, ailments, and allergies. You can go through the article below to find the significance of TOTW.


Best Wet Dog Food


Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Wet Dog Food: Rachael Ray is a chef turned celebrity who apparently engages herself in multidisciplinary businesses. However, she has a touching history behind developing a dog’s food brand. You can find a brief of that in our Wet Dog Foods Reviews of 2019.

Coming to the product, we have put here a pack of three recipes. All of these are equivalent to each other and of best quality too. There are six canned tubs with three flavors. This is a provision for you to provide you little buddy with a revolving diet which is desirable.


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3. Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Organic Grain Dog FoodAffordable Organic Human Grade Dog Food
4. American Natural Premium Ocean Fish Meal & Potato RecipeQuality Dog Food in Budget
5. Taste of the Wild – High Prairie Canine FormulaBest Dry Dog Food
6. Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Wet Dog FoodBest Wet Dog Food

Best Dog Food based on Food Type

dog food reviews

Most of us are aware of all the dog foods or their recipes before buying the dog food. But we hardly get into its actual meaning, you will be surprised that it is so easy and basic.

Some of the best dog foods manufacturers also use labeling technique to attract potential customers. The dog meal products have many attractive labels i.e. organic, natural, wholesome, balanced, holistic. But to really know the meaning and other details, go through the section below.

Best Organic Dog Food

Organic dog food eliminates the use of chemical fertilizers, synthetic additives, genetically modified organisms(GMO), food colors, injecting growth hormone, artificial flavors, etc.

United States Department of Agriculture(USDA) governs this legal reinforcement under its wing namely National Organic Program(NOP). This authoritative body describes the requirements for organic eatables cultivation in its article.

In addition to this, depending on the ratio of organic ingredients to the normal ingredients the USDA organic label gets the specific spot on the packet. For example, at the front of the packet, at the back, or just in the ingredient table in descending ratio order correspondingly.

There are some of the best organic dog foods dominating the market compared to the other types of dog foods. Because organic is nutrient rich and clean food. That makes a fair winner.

Moreover, parents choose this product despite its expensive bills because it suits the allergen too. Dog having certain ailments and allergic reaction after consuming normal dog meal almost vanish after using organic dog foods.

Many parents believe organic dry dog foods and organic wet dog foods to be better than any other products. Also, they believe, as they say, animals will never get sick on an organic diet. We too understand it and feel likewise.

Looking at the premium ingredients and healthy cultivation and manufacturing practices, we suggest these products below.

#1. Best Organic Dog Food – Wellness Simple Natural Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food

organic dog foodCHECK ON AMAZON

Simple is the most versatile and nutritional organic food you can find in the market. It is suitable for all life stages pooches and to those having severe sensitivities.

In addition to it, the makers utilize the best cultivation practices and deliver the balanced quality in this product. The makers even use the human grade ingredients which have more nutritional importance than the normal ones.

This product has limited ingredient inclusion in the pack which further reduces the possibilities of developing side effects.

Few of the Best Organic Dog Foods:
Apart from the Wellness Simple, these are other product which is as good as the Wellness Simple but lack of a quality or two.

#2. Wellness Trufood Baked Blends Natural Grain Free Dry Raw Dog Food


Trufood is a product line which focuses on utilizing nothing but the best ingredients for dog meal. It is one of the most premium dog food products that too having organic ingredients.

Many dog parents describe this product as the one non-compromising deal for their dogs. Some masters switched to this brand after trying other and continued with this ultimately.

#3. Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Organic Grain Dog Food

fromm dog food reviewsCHECK ON AMAZON

Honest Kitchen is undoubtedly the best affordable dog food there is. The makers are particular about the hygiene care in their manufacturing facility.

It has a dehydrate food in the pack which makes it nutrition rich than the dry and long lasting than the wet dog food. However, it does not last as much as dry food for dogs does.

This product is renown for its organic human grade dogs food in the market. Almost none of the other makers can reach the perfection of this brand.

Best Natural Dog Food

Natural dog food is the one having ingredients from natural sources and shall not comprise any chemical or synthetic processing.

An authoritative body namely Association of American Feed Control Officials(AAFCO) governs this legal reinforcement. It states the rule and guidelines regarding the ‘Natural dog food’ in its article.

This term is the most misunderstood as the organic and vice versa. Instead, there is a very specific difference between the two. To say the least, the rules for natural dog meal are more general and on the other hand, to that of organic dog meal are precise.

Castor & Pollux Organix Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe

natural dog foodCHECK ON AMAZON

This is the best all natural dog eatable compared to all the other natural dog’s food brand. Castor & Pollux holds its reputation for producing the quality natural dog foods.

The apparent product is economical considering the quality ingredients makers utilize in this packet. Producer brand of this product has good business relations with the cultivators which save them from imposing inflating price tags.

Best Holistic Dog Food

Let us burst the bubble for you by stating that holistic does not mean anything legit. It is just a self-proclaimed term many brands use for marketing advantage.

However, we can discuss the importance it might have apart from self-proclamation. Holistic stands for ‘whole’ – the complete. Popular dog meal brands use this term to describe their product as the versatile nutritional commodity for dogs.

The holistic dog foods have some similarities to limited ingredients (i.e. only ingredients which help in full body nourishment are used). Wholesome or holistic also claim to eradicate some of the chemical processes during manufacturing. This makes the raw ingredient readily eatable and will not trigger side effects.

Holistic is equivalent to ‘wholesome’ or ‘whole’ tags, all these have the same importance to any consumer.

Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

what is the best dog foodCHECK ON AMAZON

This product dominates the holistic segment of dog food. However, there are similar products i.e. holistic dog foods in the market.

The makers neither use grain nor gluten which makes the formula free of some allergic content. Though grain and gluten are harmful to some dogs and not all of them the brand seems to go with the obvious by eliminating grains from the content.

In the same manner, the brand eliminates the unnecessary ingredients it also adds a few important ones. To cut the long story short, this product has leafy vegetables, fruits, vitamin and mineral sources, healthy fat source, important acid sources.

What is Balanced Food for Dogs?

A healthy dog food comprises about a sufficient amount of the ingredients which will nourish a dog perfectly. Neither a thing in excess amount nor a thing in an insufficient amount.

There are several nutrients which a dog needs in balanced proportion i.e. protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, essential oils, etc. A balanced diet will have all of these in just the right amount that suits a dog.

As the matter of fact, most of the dog meal brands will list ingredients in an exaggerated manner. Thus it becomes your duty to evaluate which product is actually the best and which is not.

You can learn to read and understand the guaranteed analysis table which shows the laboratory results of proportions of ingredients of the packet. This table is always visible at the alongside an ingredient column. To understand the meaning and terminology used in a guaranteed analysis visit us to see every dog food review will explain to read a guaranteed analysis table.

Best Human Grade Dog Food

When a dog meal product contains ingredients in the form which humans consume then it gets a tag of human grade product on it. Generally, people consider humans and dogs function very differently thus human grade dog foods can be harmful to a dog.

In contrast to this understanding, dog foods will only have the ingredients suitable for dogs with human food grade standards. Moreover, human grade dog food is always better than any actual dog food. Human grade food brands are particular in using more human grade ingredients than some mediocre ones.

FDA governs and handles the dog meal and human food standards. While human food standards are more precise and strictly checked but dog foods are not that severe.

Thus using a human grade certainly means that a food pack comprises of healthier ingredients.

Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Organic Grain Dog Food

fromm dog food reviewsCHECK ON AMAZON

This product is same we listed in the organic Fido food section. It holds so much of nutritional importance that many customers start using this brand and continue to use forever.

The Honest Kitchen is one such company which people trust for their human grade products having fresh ingredients. The makers also claim for their hygiene level of the manufacturing facility to be consistent and up to the mark.

The apparent recipe contains the major ingredients i.e. chicken, oats, vegetables, etc. And using these ingredients the makers prepare a recipe which other brands could hardly surpass.

Homemade Food for Dogs

Here we are, with our last dog meal people prepare on their own. It is easier than going for the food products for dogs available in the market. You can prepare a recipe for you little buddy in limited financial feasibilities and utmost care.

Furthermore, in recent times more and more pet parents are switching to this dogs food type. Because this practice will always make you identify your chap’s needs and eliminate the possibility of having adulterated dog food.

Homemade food will give you a maximum possibility of blending many ingredients and prepare the healthiest having soothing taste as well.

Which is the Healthiest Dog Food – Dry or Wet Dog Food?

Many people ask or want to know about the better of two i.e. dry or wet. The dilemma of choosing dry or wet food raises this strong doubt. So, is it just the issue of preference or something more to it?

To explain the best we will describe the advantages of each of the dog foods and conclude which can be the best for your dog.

Dry Dog Food

Dry dog foods have a little moisture as low as 10-15% of the total mass. Even the best dry dog foods will be somewhere between this range. Makers use excessive starch amount to stick the food powder into kibble form.

This food will stimulate the facial muscles by chewing activity and dental progression. But can negatively affect a dog having dental ailments. In addition to that, kibble can be more difficult to ingest than the wet dog food.

Moreover, kibble is more preferable to the younger dogs having little or none sensitivity. They can easily digest and absorb nutrition from the dry dog foods. On the other hand, senior dogs can have difficulties in digestion and ingestion too.

Furthermore, dry dog foods have a longer shelf-life than the latter one. Because the minimum liquid content in the meal makes it difficult to ferment, oxidize and become stale.

However, preparing the dry dog’s food has extensive processing requirements, heating being one of those. It makes the kibble crispier and takes some vital nutrients away from it. This phenomenon depends on the manufacturing processes a brand use.

Many people rely on this type of meal stating it to be the most convenient way to feed their dog. Additionally, masters who flood the feeding bowl full for their dog once a day and let him finish according to his will. These people will have no such option when it comes to canned dog foods.

Finally coming to the economic structure of this dog food. Yes, it is cheaper and will last longer than the wet food if purchased of the similar brand and equal bucks.

Refrain from kibble during stomach and dental ailments. However, this one will be more convenient whatsoever.

Best Dry Dog Food: Taste of the Wild – High Prairie Canine Formula

best dry dog foodCHECK ON AMAZON

Wet Dog Food

Canned dog foods have a higher moisture content in the pack i.e. as much as 80-90% of its total mass. This characteristic leads to its name which we commonly call as ‘wet dog food’.

Wet food for dogs is also known as canned food which gets this name from the packaging vessel material. Mostly, wet dog foods come in a tin or aluminum cans or in plastic jars.

Cans and jars as packaging material keep the food intact of the external atmosphere. These vessels are airtight and isolate the inner food from any spoilage. It insulates the wet dog meal from oxidation(a process of getting stale).

Due to a majority of moist content, it becomes difficult storing it once after opening. Its oxidation starts instantly, despite storing it in cool dry place it won’t last more than a couple of days.

In contrast to its only drawback, this type of food is all wins and none losses. It requires minimum processing during its production. This makes it quite raw and better than the kibble. Despite its higher price tag, people prefer this meal type for their dog.

In addition to it, the moisture content in the pack makes it almost easy to chew and swallow. Unlike the dry dog food, this one does not affect the dog with dental ailments. Many times, a vet will recommend wet food for the dog after diagnosing a dental problem.

Similarly, a vet will recommend wet dog meal when a dog struggles with allergies, sensitivities, and ailments especially the stomach related.

Best Canned Dog Food: Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Wet Dog Food

best-dog-foodCHECK ON AMAZON

Conclusively, we can say that if your dog does not do well on kibble despite his healthy symptoms try getting him wet dog food. It has a raw taste and appealing smell which might attract and do him well.

Importance of Grain free Dog Food

While walking down the dog meals market or the pet store you might have observed the existence of grain free dog food for dogs dominates the grain contented formulae. Maybe you too are amongst the users preferring grain free over the latter.

Not to mention that grain free has certain merits and demerits as well. It might be advantageous for some and hindrance for others.

Some allergens and picky eaters are more susceptible to avoid grains than the others. Some dog wouldn’t dislike grains but will not keep healthy on it.

Coming to the conclusion early, grain free dog food has its importance for sure. But not to all dogs exclusively, it will be the best food type for allergen and sensitives.

Elimination of grain can mean a lot of benefits to dogs especially the intolerant and allergens. Benefits include effective digestion, no allergic reactions, not developing further allergies, etc.

Similarly, eliminating grains from the diet will also banish gluten, a protein type which worsens the digestion process. Not all but some grain have gluten in them which is the sole reason for ineffective digestion. Thus banishing the grains will certainly eliminate gluten too, that is desirable.

Canines cannot grind and chew the grains like humans can, but as the matter of fact, they cannot even digest it effectively. Adding to the fact, kibble will not have whole grains but in form of flour.

Why do People Prefer Dog Meals with Grain?

As the above section describes all about the mishaps due to grains in the diet. However, grain rich in carbs, fibers, some minerals. It is the easiest and efficient ingredient one can use to make the recipe that delivers more energy.

However, dogs dwelling with humans is an age-old fact. So now dogs are adapted to the food which their people serve to them. Additionally, dogs are notorious for their food stealing habit which also is a big reason that a dog will have human’s food even if you prefer a dog food.

Therefore, dogs of recent times have more tolerance towards grains than their ancestors had. In addition to it, the American Kennel Club also describes grains are not bad for dogs in an article. It states that grain is not the reason for allergies but allergies worsen sometimes due to cheap quality grains.

Difference Between Grain Free and Gluten Free Dog Food

As we described in the previous section, gluten and grains are not totally different. Gluten is related to grains and thus both are inseparable.

Gluten is a constituent in some grains, that means every grain does not have gluten. Also, gluten is only obtainable from this source i.e. grains. Therefore, a grain-free diet will be gluten-free for sure but a gluten-free diet can have grains

Taste of the Wild – High Prairie Canine Formula

best dry dog foodCHECK ON AMAZON

Best Nutritional Dog Food

Nutritional dog foods are omnipresent if we believe the makers and manufacturers. They make exaggerated claims and want us to believe in it too.

However, the authoritative bodies make it compulsory for them to mention correct ingredients and guaranteed analysis on the packet itself.

It empowers us to evaluate even the best dogs food brand once while buying, that information will lead to a decision of buying it or not. Finally, you can opt for the specific product which meets demands of your four-legged champion.

Consulting a vet before starting something fresh is highly recommended. Study thoroughly the needs and preferences of your champ. Most pet parents either go for high protein or the weight management meals for their dogs.

High Protein

Highest Protein Dog Food: Wysong Ferret Epigen 90

american journey dog food reviewsCHECK ON AMAZON

Protein is the basic building block which nourishes, repairs muscles and tissues. It is the only source which replenishes the worn-out muscles and tendons. Moreover, the coat and skin texture of a dog also depends on the protein intake.

However, excess consumption of protein is also not recommended as it can cause cardiovascular and digestive diseases.

Protein intake depends on the lifestage of the dog. For example, puppy i.e. growing one will require more protein amount in the diet than the senior and adult, similarly the lactating dog will need protein more.

Therefore, pick a diet formula which has a good quality of meat protein as its ingredients. Because a healthy meat protein can easily deliver protein along with essential acids.

Low Protein

Best Low Protein Dog Food: Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Wet Dog Food

best-dog-foodCHECK ON AMAZON

In contrast to the above topic, this one shows that who required lower protein amount in their diet. Once the body of a dog reaches to a stagnancy right before their adulthood, they require less protein in their diet. Although, a little protein is essential for the senior dogs.

In case if the pooch is facing any gastrointestinal problem, pancreatitis, etc. choosing a low protein diet is advisable until the situation gets in control. Not that, you have wait till it gets cured, just wait till the severity decreases.

Low Fats/Weight Management

Best Dog Food for Weight Management: Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Low Fat Dry

best healthy weight dog foodCHECK ON AMAZON

In America, pet parents often seek a solution to the obesity problem their dog faces. It can due to many reasons i.e. lack of open space in an apartment, infrequent walks/exercising, overeating, etc.

Thus, the only option people are left in this situation is exercising their lazy dogs and providing him with only essential nutrients to sustain a fit life.

Healthy fats are the source of energy due to having immense calories that are desirable for an athletic dog. But an overweight dog can hardly burn that many calories and ultimately it deposits creating huge tires. Thus, masters of athletic dogs often ask for dog food with highest protein and fat.

Factors to Consider Before Buying any Dog Food Brand

The best dogs food selection depends on many factors i.e. lifestage, breed size, existing medical ailments, etc of your Fido. Although you think of a product to be the best for a puppy that will not be the best for an adult or a senior pooch.

Similarly, depending on the breed size the nutritional requirements also vary. For example, a toy breed will require a limited ingredient food most of the times while a large dog breed will require a high protein, fats contented dog food.

Best Dog Food based on Lifestage

Lifestage of a dog is a major factor to go for a specific recipe or formula i.e. high protein, low fats, etc. Pooches have growing bodies and require immense bodily repairs and growth promoting diets. They are active throughout the day due to their curious and playful nature. Pups also require a little mental stimulation for good mental health, however, that is irrelevant to this topic.

While an adult dog of age 1 year to 8 years do not grow progressively unless of course he is growing fat! In this range of life stage, they need to keep their health and energy up to the mark. They will neither have frequent injuries, not they will require a growth promoting diet. Similarly, senior of age 8 years and above will face this situation.


A newborn pooch can start his first walking movements within two weeks from his birth. Right after a pup learns to walk and run properly, you can switch him to the healthiest puppy food.

Toy breed dogs generally mature by the time they age 8 to 10 months old. You cannot feed them puppy food(high protein & carbs) after they enter their adulthood. Their small bodies and some health delicacies require utmost care while selecting a diet.

Best Dog Food For Puppies:  Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Recipe


Dogs become adults after a year after their birth. Some of the large breed dogs take 15 to 20 months of time reaching their adulthood. Their bodies will stop growing and physique will start developing with hefty muscles.

The best adult dog food will have an average amount of protein and carbs and above average amount of healthy fats. It delivers a boost of energy with plenty of nutrients.

Best Dog Food For Adult Dogs: Purina Beyond Grain Free Adult Dry Dog Food


Dogs having more 8 years of age fall under this category. These dogs require a minimum of energy to stay healthy. Their limited physical activities and digestion require a limited ingredient especially a low protein diet.

You can feed a senior with higher calorific value food if he gets regular walks.

Best Senior Dog Food: Nutro Natural Dry Grain Free Dog Food

Best Dog Food based on Breed Size

We can divide dogs according to their body size into three categories i.e. small, medium, and large. These all dog breeds require different diet respectively to satisfy their nutritional need.


We can call small dog breed size as a toy breed. These dogs are energetic and lively most of the times. But their small bodies have many delicacies compared to the other two categories.

You will have to select an average protein diet which nourishes a toy sufficiently and does not affect his health on the other hand. The best toy breed dog food comprises a minimum amount of meat protein and almost no carbs. Yet there are some ingredients delivering fats in the recipe.

Selecting a healthy food for dogs can get confusing while considering the breed size and lifestage simultaneously. For example, people look for best senior dog food for small breeds but they get stuck in choosing the appropriate one immediately.

Best Dog Food for Small Dogs: Wellness Complete Health Natural Wet Canned Dog Food


Dogs falling under this category have bigger and heavier bodies than the toy breed dogs. A medium dog will be hefty and more energetic than the other two categories. Furthermore, they do not require heavy exercising unless for few athletic dog breeds.

Medium dogs require an above average amount of nutritional content in their diet. Most of the medium dogs have an effective metabolic rate which helps them to digest their food easily. However, dogs a tendency to eat frequently which will ruin the whole metabolic process. This nurture or avoid this tendency to develop in dogs is totally up to their masters’.

Best Dog Food for Medium Dogs: Avoderm Grain Free Natural Dog Food.


This category refers to the dogs who grow taller, larger, bigger than the other two categories. Generally, these dogs will weigh more than 150 pounds and measure 2-3 feet tall to their shoulders.

These dogs seem to have a bigger body and thus requirements of the food increases accordingly. You will have to choose somewhere between lower fats and higher protein.

Although, the large breed pups require high protein diet until their adulthood i.e. 15-20 months. After which they will not require an extreme protein diet. You can just choose a recipe which has a calorific value of not more than 250 kcal/kg.

Best Large Breed Dog Food: Blue Wilderness Grain-Free Adult Dry Blue Dog Food

Make Sure if the Packet Says – AAFCO Dog Food

Association of American Feed Control Officials(AAFCO) is an authoritative body in America which implements the standard for manufacturing and selling a dog food. That means every dog foods brand has to follow the rules and standards set by this body to sell their products.

AAFCO also schedules the surprise checks to these food manufacturing brands to ensure if they maintain the standards. However, each of the batch sample product needs to pass through rigorous testing processes before reaching the market.

Therefore, healthy food brands get the AAFCO approval label or acknowledgment on the packet. You can rely on this certification before buying the product.

Unfortunately, all the needful does not end here after checking the AAFCO label on the pack. You have to make sure that the food pack for a dog is not damaged during the transportation or irresponsibly stacking.

Go through the next section to identify the signs of a damaged or unsafe dog food.

Worst Dog Food & Signs

Ending here with the final section which will give you the essential knowledge and insights about choosing the best dog food brands. Although you have read all previous sections describing the factors of best dogs food products this one is contrasting.

Here you will get to know that you can easily spot or identify a poor quality product with a glance or a mild touch. You can easily avoid a product having one of these signs which make the product undesirable and dangerous at times.

This is the description of which factors or signs mean that a dog meal product is unsafe for consumption.

Packet Having Holes

Superstores, pet stores, manufacturer tend to stack and store their stock for a long time before keeping it on the aisle. It makes the transportation cheaper and deal profits to them. But they hardly consider the shelf life of the product.

Due to stacking the food products they gamble on the possibilities of developing bugs and insects in it. These small bugs will eat open the dog meal pack creating small holes. From that small space, many bugs enter the pack and start eating the food. This phenomenon is prominent in dry dog foods stacking.

Ripped Pack

During the transporting and stacking the dog food bags, the rough handling causes damage to it. Some bags will have scattered outer prints and ripped open bags too.

Sometimes we hardly bother if we find little traces of rough usage. But instead, we shall consider those damages and avoid the product. A slight open bags would have higher chances of contamination.

While going through numerous complaints users had regarding dog foods we found that ripped packs is one of the common complaints pet parents have.

In most of the cases, rough handling and extensive transportation ripped the dog meal bags open. Nevertheless, manufacturers and retailer will replace that product if you can prove the damages were caused by their side beforehand purchasing. Similarly, you can check the bag before buying will make the whole process easier.

Premium Brands are Not Perfect Always

Even if the premium dog meal products are more appealing and have better quality ingredients those will not be perfect for your dog. There are dog meal products which have affordable prices and good quality ingredients too.

Sometimes the expensive food can make your champ intolerant to some harsh foods which he should be eating otherwise. In this case, feeding a budget food will only make him immune and tolerant of other foods. Thus, the best cheap dog food from the market will do the needful in nourishing the dog.

Low Fiber

Fiber is essential in a dog’s diet as much as it is to us. It eases the bowel movements and boosts digestion process. Moreover, fibers can have indirect health benefits also i.e. maintaining weight, diabetes, etc.

In order to maintain the fiber intake, you have considered ingredients i.e. leafy vegetables, legumes, grains, fruits, etc. in the diet.

Anything Unknown

Manufacturers tend to display the ingredients on the food pack despite having no benefit to the recipe or the consumer. They promote those ingredients consisting of some health benefits.

Most of the times some interactive commercial or catchy tagline can lure you into buying their products. But not to mention that you would probably try something inappropriate if not researched well into the topic.

Thus you are responsible for the food your little buddy eats. As you are the closest to him means you are the one supposed to take care of any allergies or preferences of your dog.

There is one unexplained term in this section i.e. innovating commercials luring you to buy something your dog doesn’t need. A successive paragraph will shed some light on the topic.

Innovative Commercials Luring You to Buy Something You Don’t Need

Admit this, you remember some dog foods because of its advertisements on television. It had some catchy tagline and cute Fido running all over the yard or open space with his long fur.

Dear reader, this is the only trick we all fall for. When we go shopping dog food the next time we might buy the same pack which had cool advertisement. Additionally, we do not bother looking at the product if it matches our needs.

Dog meal companies can invest a huge capital for advertising their products. But it is in our hands to completely evaluate the product before buying.

Older Manufacturing Date

As we discussed the stocking tendency of superstores and pet stores, the food packet can spoil while you can see it half filled. That is because products can take time reaching the racks of the stores after manufacturing. And this delay costs you a product with limited freshness.

Even though the product is well within the expiration limits it will taste a bit different than the fresh ones. It will have higher chances of getting spoilt than the fresher one.

Therefore, insist the storekeeper provide the fresh dog meal packet. As this packet can stay longer in your house without spoilage.

Stale Content

This factor is partially related to the manufacturing date. On an occasion of detecting a foul smell when you open the pack, you should ask for a replacement for the mishap. Firstly, you need to check the manufacturing date and expiration limit both are good for a purchase.

Even after that, you can observe a stale content coming from the dog meal bag. That is because of a stale ingredient or two in the formula. In that case, you can verify if the brand voluntarily places a recall or the FDA detects the cause during an inspection on their website.

These were the two cases where you can detect immediately if the product is stale. But there are rare chances that your dog’s sudden illness indicates this probability. Keenly observe your champ’s behavior to detect a possibility of illness due to stale food.

You can keep the food sample which resulted in your dog’s illness. After consulting a vet making sure that the reason for illness was the product itself, you can lodge a complaint report here.

Poultry By-products

“By-products are not bad”, this is what many people believe. But can they answer about its goodness?
A healthy meat source is always the muscular body of that animal and some of its organs too. On the other hand, the makers use the unwanted parts from that animal’s body i.e. nails, hooves, claws, beak, etc.

These are the by-products which some of the makers use in their recipes. It neither account for the nutritional benefits nor the taste. That inclusion will only benefit the manufacturer as it is a cheap ingredient.

As the matter of fact, some people do not even like the idea of including the meat-meals i.e. not actually meat. But this thing over here is a sheer wastage of money and putting unwanted things in a dog’s digestive tracts.

Several Recalls

FDA is the sole authority who can channel the recall activity. The situation after which FDA announces a recall are:

  1. FDA detects product to be unsafe during an inspection.
  2. A customer proves the batch of product to be unsafe, supported by lab results.
  3. The company voluntarily places a recall on detection of a mishap via FDA’s consent.

You can find the complaints archive history. It displays the comprehensive list of recalled products and details of those recalls respectively.

Thus a product having a clean record shows the certainty of the manufacturer in keeping the hygiene and healthy manufacturing practice up to the mark.

In contrast to it, a brand having more recall numbers indicates their commitment towards quality and consistency. Avoiding the product having more recall numbers is advisable. Unless you have immense trust on that brand don’t go for its products whatsoever.

The EndNote

Finally, we leave it up to you to decide the best for you pooch keeping the buying factors in mind stated above. Also, looking at different nutritional needs of pooches of different life stage and breed size you will know better.

Leave a comment if you have further doubts regarding the selection of dog’s food, we would love to address your queries.



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