8 Best Cat Pheromone Diffuser Reviews of 2019


According to many studies, the best cat pheromone diffuser can help with behavioral issues. If your house is a feline stress zone, a pheromone diffuser for a cat is your good choice.

Cats are unpredictable to the edge that even the cat behaviorists find it tough knowing a cat by looking at him/her. Hence, it gets clueless to calm a cat down when we cannot even understand the reason behind their paranoid behavior. Not anymore, there is cat pheromone diffuser which spreads the cat external-hormone(ectohormone) to calm them.

Editor’s Top Pick: Feliway Classic

cat pheromone diffuser

The best calming aid for cats which works effectively for a month that too, covers a wide area. It is in fact, one of the best cat diffusers and most popular cat product on the market. It cures the anxiety in cats, prevents them from scratching, marking, and adapt to changes.

Best Cat Pheromone Diffuser for 2019 – At a Glance


What Is a Cat Pheromone Diffuser?

Cat diffusers are just regular plug-in diffuser which consists of pheromones for cats in a little proportion. It will consist of the inert ingredients odorless or scented in major proportion. Feline pheromone is a body chemical similar to the body hormone but the one which acts externally(ectohormone).

Adding to the fact, mother cats naturally secretes a pheromone which helps their litter feel safe/comfortable without driving the feline away. On the other hand, pheromone even helps adult cats to calm despite being extremely territorial species.

In this case, the cat pheromone diffuser also uses the same pheromone to calm the cats down.

Best Cat Pheromone Diffuser Reviews

Go through the best pheromone reviews on the market. We have reviewed each of these cat diffusers considering various factors.

#1. Feliway Classic Starter Kit for Cats

Starting with best calming aid for cats with Feliway diffuser reviews, Feliway for cats has invaded the cat market long before and now dominates. Feliway is one reliable name which stands by its quality and even the users also swear for its effectiveness.

cat diffuser

In fact, the apparent product is the best calming aid for cats on our cat pheromone diffuser reviews. It is a combination of the Ceva cat calming plug in and Feliway vial. Both of these have a decent lasting life of 6 months and 30 days respectively. In this case, the manufacturer recommends changing the vial after 30 days of use although it has some remains at the end.

  • Type of Pheromone Aid: Diffuser-Vial
  • Effective for Multi-Cats: Yes
  • Effective for Time: A Few Hours After Switching off
  • Volume of Pheromone Liquid: 48 ml
  • Range: 700 Sq.ft.
  • Life of the Product: 6 Months(Diffuser) & 30 Days(Vial)
  • Useful for: Calming, Urine Control, Adapt to Changes, Scratching

Furthermore, the Feliway diffusers feature a tremendous range of 700 Sq.ft. On the contrary, this range is considered for an ideal room with limited circulation and exposure to contaminants. Since this will not be the case with most of use at our homes and thus, will experience a narrower range than a perfect 700 Sq.ft.

Feliway comes with a higher range pheromone Ceva diffuser covering 700 Sq.ft. in ideal conditions.

Lastly, this product has been the top-rated synthetic cat pheromone on the market for a longer time because of its satisfactory results. Hence, it definitely increases the possibilities of calming your restless or anxious cat. All you have to do is place the cat calming plug in diffuser at a probable center of the room where your cat spends most of the time. On the other hand, you can place it where you would want your cat to be comfortable.

  • Feliway covers a large range of 700 Sq.ft.
  • It is effective for calming the cats, control their anxiety.
  • The Feliway is useful if you have multiple cats at home.
  • Both the diffuser and vial have good reliability.
  • The Feliway manufacturer recommends replacing the diffuser by 6 months and a vial by 30 days.
  • The range of the diffuser as 700 Sq.ft. holds true for ideal conditions only.

#2. Comfort Zone Cat Calming Diffuser Kit

Coming to the second best pheromone reviews, the brand name itself explains the purpose and usefulness. Comfort Zone multicat pheromone diffuser kit is exactly what a cat needs. Having said that, the apparent pheromones for cats deliver the same to your cat or cats.

cat pheromone

Comfort Zone cat diffuser comes with an intense formula which the manufacturers claim to contain double the pheromone comparing Comfort Zone vs Feliway. Moreover, Comfort Zone for cats during their initial production times had their own cat calming plug in head but no vial. Eventually, Comfort Zone mastered in making the pheromone solution that too, with twice the intensity comparing Feliway vs Comfort Zone.

  • Type of Pheromone Aid: Diffuser-Vial
  • Effective for Multi-Cats: No
  • Effective for Time: A Few Hours After Switching off
  • Volume of Pheromone Liquid: 48 ml
  • Range: 500 Sq.ft.(Approx)
  • Life of the Product: 12 Months(Diffuser) & 30 Days(Vial)
  • Useful for: Adapt to New Visitors, Calming

Although, both the brands Feliway multicat vs Comfort Zone have similar systems the apparent one lasts longer. To say so, Feliway diffuser had a life of 6 months. On the other hand, the Comfort Zone diffuser lasts for 12 months. However, all the other features remain the same.

Comfort Zone vial contains double the pheromones for cats proportion compared to Feliway multicat diffuser and its diffuser lasts for 12 months. 

In addition to that, this brand does not specify the range of diffuser. Nevertheless, with the feedback of users, it is clear that this diffuser covers about 500 Sq.ft. In the end, Comfort Zone is a long-lasting cat diffuser but may not have the range as wide as that of Feliway multicat.

  • Comfort Zone vial contains more feline pheromones, double approximately.
  • This diffuser will last for a year-long period.
  • It covers a decent range which is equal to a couple of rooms.
  • You can choose the Comfort Zone or Feliway plug in diffuser variant from this brand itself.
  • The brand Comfort Zone does not specify the range of its pheromone plug ins for cats.

#3. ThunderEase Multicat Calming Cat Diffuser Kit

Continuing with the simple cat diffuser – Thunderease reviews. The Thunderease is yet another synthetic cat pheromone which emits a similar pheromone which the cat secretes naturally.

cat pheromone diffuser reviews

In addition to that, this is a bit different diffuser than the ones we have seen above especially Thunderease vs Feliway plug ins. The Thunderease pheromone diffusers are the maternal pheromone. A mother cat secretes naturally making her litter feel secure.

  • Type of Pheromone Aid: Diffuser-Vial
  • Effective for Multi-Cats: Yes
  • Effective for Time: A few hours after switching it off
  • Volume of Pheromone Liquid: 48 ml
  • Range: 700 Sq.ft.
  • Life of the Product: 6 Months(Diffuser) & 30 Days(Vial)
  • Useful for: Calming a cat, Socialize, Preventing Scratching, Preventing urinating

Furthermore, the Thunderease cat pheromone diffuser covers up to 700 Square feet area. Although the Thunderease reviews cannot promise the same as the Feliway. Yet this cat pheromone diffuser does cover a substantial area.

The Thunderease cat pheromone diffuser which is useful for more than calming your cat i.e. socializing with other cats.

In the end, you shall take care of the life of the vial and its diffuser. Firstly, the diffuser will last for 6 months and a vial for 30 days.

  • A cat pheromone diffuser useful for calming the cat and socializing.
  • Thunderease for cats covers a wide area of 700 Sq.ft.
  • This product aims at different cat problems – anxiety, fighting, marking, urniating, socializing.
  • You shall replace the diffuser after 6 months and vial after 30 days.
  • This diffuser will not necessarily cover 700 Sq.ft. area unless there are ideal conditions.

#4. Ceva Feliway Animal Health MultiCat Starter Kit

Here, we have one similar cat pheromone diffuser to that you saw on Feliway diffuser reviews. Because of the reason, there is the Feliway vial inclusive in the deal. This deal consists of a diffuser and the Feliway vial.

best calming aid for cats

Furthermore, this is again the standard cat pheromone diffuser which features the best calming aid for cats. Having said that, these Feliway pheromone diffusers cover the area of 700 Square feet. Along with that, its vial will last for a month and the diffuser for 6 months.

  • Type of Pheromone Aid: Diffuser-Vial
  • Effective for Multi-Cats: Yes
  • Effective for Time: As long as cat plug in is on
  • Volume of Pheromone Liquid: 48 ml
  • Range: 700 Sq.ft.
  • Life of the Product: 6 Months(Diffuser) & 30 Days(Vial)
  • Useful for: Calming a cat, Prevents scratching/marking, Prevents spraying

In addition to that, this diffuser is useful for controlling the destructive behavior of your cat. The wide range of diffuser will be sufficient to cover your house completely. Not to mention, the Feliway pheromone is effective for calming the cat scratching, spraying, allowing other cats to enter your house.

The Feliway pheromones for cats and Ceva cat diffusers work as the best combination pheromones for cats.

Lastly, this is a diffuser effective for controlling the cats who do not naturally tend to behave calmly. It will instantly help cats calm who experience anxiety and aggression.

  • This Feliway Comfort Zone diffuser spreads the cat pheromone to a wide area of 700 Sq.ft.
  • You will start observing the change in your cat’s behavior within 7 days.
  • Feliway cat diffuser is very effective for this purpose.
  • This product is just similar to that of the Feliway classic but lacks in spreading the pheromone to a wide area.
  • The diffuser will have its effect as long as you keep the switch on, that too, not to the farthest corners of your house.

#5. Sergeants Vetscription Cat Diffuser

Sergeant Vetscription is a parent and a sub-brand amalgamation. Vetscription is the sub-brand of Sergeant which makes the cat diffusers for pet health.

feliway reviews

Additionally, the diffuser from this brand has seen the light of the Sun and is yet to win some hearts.

  • Type of Pheromone Aid: Diffuser-Vial
  • Effective for Multi-Cats: Yes
  • Effective for Time: As long as switched on
  • Volume of Pheromone Liquid: 44 ml
  • Range: 500 Sq.ft. (Approx)
  • Life of the Product: 30 Days (Vial)
  • Useful for: Aggression, Calming, Scratching problem, Adapting to new environment

Nevertheless, this product is nothing less than the best cat pheromone diffuser we have seen on these cat pheromone diffuser reviews.

Effective proportion of pheromones for cats makes this formula appealing for the cats.

In the end, the cat pheromone diffuser works well with multiple cats. If you tend to have some cat guests frequently then this product is the best for you.

  • Effective cat pheromone diffuser for multiple cats.
  • Diffuser works reliably for a long period.
  • Apparent diffuser’s pheromones for cats has not had many reviews on Amazon.

#6. Felisept Home Comfort Plug-In Diffuser

Now, we have a cat diffuser which features the cat diffuser kind of ingredient to attract the cat. Apparent pheromones for cats will be more effective for aggressive cats. This product contains nepetalactone, a chemical compound which is similar to that of the pheromones.

comfort zone feliway reviews

We have placed this cat diffuser at a lower place because of its intense effects. Despite having the cat calming properties, raw form of nepetalactone can act as mild sedatives.

  • Type of Pheromone Aid: Diffuser-Vial
  • Effective for Multi-Cats: Yes
  • Effective for Time: As long as switched on
  • Volume of Pheromone Liquid: 45 ml
  • Range: 650 Sq.ft.
  • Life of the Product: 30 Days(Vial)
  • Useful for: Calming a cat, Separation anxiety, Aggression, Scratching, Fighting(with other indoor pets)

Nevertheless, the Felisept cat pheromone diffuser uses nepetalactone in a safe proportion. In fact, none of the users found this diffuser’s pheromones for cats to be ineffective or with side effects.

Nepetalactone is the active ingredient of this cat pheromone diffuser which is useful to calm down a cat.

In the end, nepetalactone this cat diffuser uses is very identical to the pheromone.

  • Nepetalactone is the active ingredient of this cat pheromone diffuser.
  • Cat diffuser’s ingredient is useful in calming the cat.
  • Your cat will feel the sedation for 10 mins on rare cases.

#7. Comfort Zone MultiCat Diffusers

Ending the the best pheromone diffusers – Comfort Zone Feliway reviews popular for subtle action. As a matter of fact, this is one more entry from the renown brand Comfort Zone multiple cat diffuser.

thunderease reviews

Having said that, this is not a new debut entry as Comfort Zone Feliway reviews of cat diffuser. However, the apparent product is unique in a way that it has an extra set.

  • Type of Pheromone Aid: Diffuser-Vial
  • Effective for Multi-Cats: Yes
  • Effective for Time: A few hours after switching off
  • Volume of Pheromone Liquid: 48 ml
  • Range: 500 Sq.ft. (Approx)
  • Life of the Product: 30 Days(Vial)
  • Useful for: Separation anxiety, Prevent fighting, Scratching, Marking, Urinating

Furthermore, the Comfort Zone Feliway diffuser is a twin cat pheromone diffuser set is useful for a house with multi-cats. Also, if you have a huge house and one cat diffusers seem to be ineffective then this deal is for you.

The Comfort Zone cat pheromone diffuser is a twin product, useful for a large house with multiple cats.

The apparent product is nothing but a regular two units of Comfort Zone pheromone diffusers in combination.

  • Covers a wider range when you use it as a combination.
  • It has a reliable pheromone spreading effect.
  • This product is not useful if you have only one cat at home.

#8. Sentry Calming Diffuser Collar for Cats

Here we have a unique cat pheromone collar. This cat pheromone collar aims at solving different problems than just calming your cat. Moreover, apparent collar pheromones for cats is useful to make your cat accepted by other cats. Since the prime purpose of having your kitty wear this pheromone collar cat is to make it acceptable for other feline creatures.

feliway cat collar

As a matter of fact, this cat pheromone collar is more of a socializing tool for other cats. Generally, during a family/friends gathering can make your cat anxious. Similarly, when your cat visits another house with you then there are chances that other cats at that place will feel the same. In addition to that, this collar will help the newborn kittens to feel safe around their mother when she is wearing this collar.

  • Type of Pheromone Aid: Collar
  • Effective for Multi-Cats: No
  • Effective for Time: Always
  • Volume of Pheromone Liquid: NA
  • Range: NA
  • Life of the Product: 30 Days
  • Useful for: New feline members/newborn kittens, Socializing with other cats

Not to mention, this collar comes with a moderate proportion of pheromones for cats. It will sufficiently calm other cats or litter. In this manner, you can utilize this pheromone collar cat for multiple purposes. Also, you can buy pheromones collar extra if you are expecting to have some guests at your place and their cats of course.

This is a pheromone collar more useful to let other cats socialize with your cat especially if your cat has a litter.

The best part of this pheromone collar cat is that it does not require any power source. All you have to do is put this collar on your cat. In fact, the collar has a length which will fit every kind of cat. Thereafter, you will get to have the best of results from this collar.

  • The important pheromones for cats which calms the litter down feeling secure when their mother is around.
  • This collar will also get other cats to be familiar with your cat during a gathering event.
  • You can fit this Feliway collar for cats on any size of kitty.
  • The collar will last for 30 days.
  • Even your cat will stay calmer coping with separation anxiety.
  • Collar is useful as a socialzing tool and not for controling extreme anxiety.

Buyer’s Guide

If you are about buy pheromones for cats from these best pheromone reviews, it will get confusing. Hence, we want you to go through the buyers’ guide thoroughly and finalize the product thereafter.

How to Choose the Best Cat Diffuser?

You will have to verify pheromones for cats to be consisting of these features and matching to your requirements.

Pheromone Aid Type

There are different types of cat pheromone aids/pheromones for cats, the cat pheromone diffuser being one of them. That said, it would include pheromone spray pumps, pheromone collar, and diffuser itself.

Hence, you shall choose one according to your need. Generally, the diffuser is useful to calm down the anxious cat indoors. It will prevent scratching, anxiety, marking, urinating, meowing in cats. This happens when the cats are not comfortable with the environment all of a sudden.

Whereas, pheromone collar is useful to calm down the cats which startle upon the presence of your cat(her litter). Hence, the pheromone in collar will help the kitten accept their mother without getting scared.

Lastly, you have the pheromone spray which is a remote pheromone source. It is useful for spraying the pheromone on your new furniture which your cat keeps scratching. In fact, you can use this spray on yourself to make the cat comfortable around you not driving the feline away.

Volume of the Pheromone Liquid

You shall consider the volume of the pheromone cat liquid you are buying and its life. Since you wouldn’t want your cat to get startled again just because the pheromone you are using has exhausted.

Range of Pheromones for Cats

This feature is important if you are considering the diffuser. You can neglect this factor if you are planning to use it for a single room. On the other hand, if you would like to have your cat to move everywhere freely in your house then prefer a wider range of diffuser.

Useful For

Every product will have a different proportion of pheromones for cats to help them overcome different discomforts. Hence, we have described the cat problems all the cat pheromone diffusers can solve.

On the contrary, using a specific product will definitely calm a cat despite if we have not mentioned the same problem in its respective cat pheromone diffuser reviews that your cat suffers. Because of your cat would have faced multiple issues and one after the other every issue got solved ultimately.

Effective for Multiple Cats

All the cat diffusers will spread the pheromone differently. Having said that, the product which will cover a larger area will definitely let more than one cat have the sniff at the pheromone.

Whereas, the pheromones for cats with a shorter area will be more likely to be focused on a single cat. You can experiment getting close to more cats to check its effect if it works. Because not all the cats are getting comfortable if you are using pheromone emitter of shorter range.


What is Feliway?

Feliway is a popular brand which produces pheromone emitting cat diffusers. It includes spray pumps, Feliway cat collar, and pheromone diffusers.

On the other hand, Feliway also allows other diffuser brands to sell their pheromone vial in combination. You will find it on Amazon if you are worried – where to buy Feliway?

Is it Safe & Effective?

Cat pheromone is an ectohormone which all the cats secrete from time to time. In the same manner, the cat diffusers spread the formulated pheromone in little ratio with majorly inert ingredients.

Hence, it is completely safe for the cats and effective as it is the natural ingredient we are talking about. In fact, there are no side effects of using the cat pheromone diffusers.


To cut a long story short, you have seen the best cat pheromone reviews which even included the collar and spray pump. Also, the method of buying the pheromone diffusers without wasting much time on the internet in the buyers’ guide section.


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