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Many things outside our homes intrigue the dogs i.e. vibrant scents, traces of edibles, various animals, etc. These elements make our pooches go restless to the point that they might pull us hard via the leash. In fact, commanding at that instance will be useless because of the violent urge to chase something drags our little champs. Therefore, we have reviewed the best dog collar for pulling of different types to train the dogs.

You will find the best dog collar for pull prevention in this review along with a few of the best dog walking collars.

7 Best Dog Collar for Pulling in 2019

Editor’s Top Pick: PetSafe Gentle Leader Head Collar

Best Dog Collars for Pulling on a Leash


This is the product which you’ve always wished in order to control your witty stubborn puller pooch. It is a head collar dominating all the competitors on our no pull dog collar list of products. This dog collar for pulling gets your dog in your control in a jiffy and will the walks a child’s play for you with its quick release buckle provision on the collar. In short, this collar is the best collar for a large dog that pulls hard.

Editor's Picks
PetSafe Gentle Leader Head CollarBest of All
Herm Sprenger Pet Chrome Plated Training CollarPremium Dog Collar
SGODA Chain Dog Training Choke CollarBudget Buy

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Here are some of the finest Dog Collar that will help you prevent pulling of your dog.

#1. PetSafe Gentle No-Pull Dog Collar

Starting with the first entry on our review list of no pull dog collar, it is a head collar type. We have included the collar which keeps the dog from pulling equally like any other no pull dog collar. In fact, this head collar will allow you to control your rambunctious dog from pulling you sideways. Also, you will have to put lesser efforts in controlling the dog as the slight pulling will deviate the dog from going further.

Best Dog Collar for Pulling


In addition to that, the PetSafe no pull dog collar comes with lots of advantages. Generally, the head collar eases the unnecessary movement from the dog negligible. Along with that, the collar will help you train the pooch in a better way. As the matter of fact, the PetSafe head collar is the best dog collar for pulling for many reasons. Because it will neither choke the dog nor it will let the dog pull aggressively.

  • Dog Size: All Dogs
  • Suitable for: Mild to Moderate Pullers
  • Pull Prevention Strength: 5/5
  • Safety Rating: 5/5
  • What We Liked: Effective for all dog breeds and sizes, Requires least effort to control the dog

Coming to the design and construction of the collar, this is the best dog collar for walking. Because it fits right on the dog’s face without covering the muzzle. Hence, the dog can easily eat, bark, lick, be a dog but misbehave. The head collar will have a leash ring at the rear portion of the dog’s neck. It will easily deviate the dog from pulling away from the owner. Hence, controlling the dog will become a child’s play.

The PetSafe dog collar is the best dog collar for pulling during the walks.

  • Headcollar is the best training method for controlling the dog.
  • Useful for taking the dog out for a walk without any setbacks.
  • The head collar does not affect the dog either physically or psychologically.
  • Economical and safe option to train the dog for walking.
  • Nothing in specific.

#2. Herm Sprenger Pet No-Pull Training Collar

Coming to the second best no pull dog collar from our list, the Herm Sprenger. It is the best no pull dog collar but of a slightly different type than that of the head collar. The prong collars are also called the pinch collar which denotes its action for controlling the pet.

No Pull Collar


The apparent product is a strong dog collar which can easily help you gain control over the inquisitive dog. Generally, the experts use prong collars for large or stubborn dogs while walking. The collar is made up of small clipper pins which point inwards when put on the dogs’ neck. Hence, the collar with double loops like martingale dog collar will contract when the dog pulls. It will poke the dogs’ neck for an instance and expand itself when the dog relaxes and stops pulling.

  • Dog Neck Size: 16 to 25 inch
  • Suitable for: Aggressive
  • Pull Prevention Strength: 5/5
  • Safety Rating: 2/5
  • What We Liked: Effective option for stubborn large dogs

The collar is made up of stainless steel clippers and chain which has resilient properties. Moreover, the smoothness of the clippers allows the easy expansion and contraction of the collar. Not to mention, the collar has the quick release strap for the best user experience.

Never leave your dog to roam or unattended with the prong collar on. Take it off after every walk.

  • This Dog Collar for Pulling prevents pulling completely.
  • Suitable for strong and stubborn dogs.
  • A smooth stainless finish of the collar chain is commendable.
  • The smaller chain loop comes with a quick release mechanism.
  • Keeping the prong collar on after a walk can be injurious for the dog.

#3. Halti No Pull Head Collar for Dogs

Coming to the head collar again, the Halti no pull collar from the Company of Animals. It is one of the best collars for dogs that pull. Only because of this feature, the Halti no pull dog collar has gained a lot of popularity.

collars for dogs that pull


Coming to the build design and sturdiness of the collar, it is one of kind collar type which does not require much of ruggedness. Because the dog will never be able to apply a lot of force on the collar. In fact, the dog will stop pulling or resisting the walks after you start using the head collar. The dog will follow your commands obediently.

  • Dog Size: All Dogs
  • Suitable for: Mild to Moderate Pullers
  • Pull Prevention Strength: 5/5
  • Safety Rating: 5/5
  • What We Liked: Useful for control all the dogs, Face strap has cushion padded

Furthermore, the Halti is the best bo pull dog collar for all the dogs because of its wide adjustable straps. Hence, the apparent no pull dog collar will be suitable for most of the dogs of different breeds. In addition to that, using this dog collar for pulling will not be a permanent task. Because most of the dogs will learn to take your order while walking down the street.

This no pull head collar does not have an attachment at the rear yet the adjustable straps work great.

  • Useful for walk training your Fido especially if he is a stubborn puller.
  • The muzzle strap of the collar comes with a cushioned padding.
  • Snap buckle of the head collar makes putting it on the dog very easy.
  • The ruggedness of the collar is enough to the point that it will last for years.
  • Not suitable for training the dog except for walking around the street.

#4. Platinum Pets Stainless Steel Chain Dog Collar

Here, we have another type of no pull dog collar from the ones we saw above. This is the choke dog collar which is one of the most popular collar types. Generally, the pet parents share their experience and state the best dog collar for pulling prevention as the choke collars. However, we have had a good experience using it yet it was quite downbeat from its popularity.

No Pull Dog Collar


As the matter of fact, pet parent wanting to use this dog collar for pulling should properly learn about its using techniques. Because this collar despite being the smooth it can make some dogs aggressive due to choking. Apart from that, build quality and appearance of the collar is phenomenal.

  • Dog Neck Size: 14 to 26 inch(including all variants)
  • Suitable for: Moderate Pullers
  • Pull Prevention Strength: 4/5
  • Safety Rating: 4/5
  • What We Liked: 15 color options to choose from

Using the Platinum no pulling dog collar will be a lot of fun when you have an obedient yet inquisitive pooch. Because this method is neither very effective in stopping a puller. In fact, it leads to tracheal pressure on the puller dog. Hence, using this dog collar for pulling not only be a bit difficult but it will take more time training the dog to take commands from you.

Although choke collars take more time to train the pooches yet this dog collar for pulling is one of the best with its 15 colors options.

  • Suitable for the dogs who occasionally get inquisitive or disobedient.
  • Easy to apply and take off from the dog’s neck.
  • Variety of 15 color options to choose from.
  • The chain collar contracts and expands smoothly.
  • Not suitable for a strong stubborn dog.

#5. Deluxe Adjustable Prong Training Collar

The apparent product has taken us back to the prong collar usage on dogs to stop pulling. First things first, the pinch collars might get the best results within no time but you will have to take utmost care of the dog.

dog walking collars


Furthermore, this is the best collars for dogs that pull rigorously. Because most of the times the owner has to follow the dog instead of the other way around. On the contrary, using a dog chain collar no choke mechanism is hardly for any use for the strong dogs.

  • Dog Neck Size: 15 to 22 inch(including all variants)
  • Suitable for: Aggressive Pullers
  • Pull Prevention Strength: 5/5
  • Safety Rating: 3/5
  • What We Liked: Quick release chain loop is smooth

Additionally, you will be stunned using the apparent product for its benefits. Not to mention, putting this dog collar for pulling on and off the dog will be very easy with its quick release clipper hook. Along with that, the stainless smooth clipper will be smoothly fit contract and expand the loop of the no pull collar.

Dogs need utmost attention and care while using prong stop pull collars.

  • Suitable for the strong and stubborn puller dogs.
  • Smooth contracting and expanding loop.
  • Collar comes with a quick release cliper hook.
  • Not suitable for the dogs who occassionally misbehaves.
  • Irresponsibly using this dog collar for pulling can lead to injuring the dog.

#6. Pettom Dog Prong Training Chain Collar

The Pettom dog collar is the solution for many problems unlike most of the prong collars. This collar comprises of the rubber caps for each of the tips. It will save the dog from conceding any injuries even for pulling hard. Hence, the first advantage of using this collar is to provide your pet with a safe accessory that won’t inflict your dog.

No Pulling Dog Collar


Additionally, the apparent collar works like a martingale dog collar due to its double loop design. In fact, the best part about the Pettom no pull dog collar is its easily detachable clippers. It means you can open this dog collar for pulling in a jiffy like the one with quick release collar. As the matter of fact, the design of the clipper will have a dual pin at its one end whereas a hub at the other which helps create a chain. On the other hand, there will one clip with a double pair pins to complete the chain.

  • Dog Neck Size: 16 to 22 inch(including all variants)
  • Suitable for: Moderate Large dogs and Aggressive
  • Pull Prevention Strength: 5/5
  • Safety Rating: 3/5
  • What We Liked: Rubber caps for the pins

Apart from the design, the build quality if the collar way better the fragile kind. Also, it is just a step below the rugged kind. You will be surprised to see the seek looking collar to work so smooth. In fact, the Pettom collar despite looking delicate it will last a very long time. If there is a downside to buying this dog collar for pulling then it will be its monotonous stainless steel material. You can use a colorful lace to decorate the collar’s appearance.

The Pettom collar is very useful yet decorating it with a colorful lace enhance its appearance.

  • The rubber caps make this product the best dog collar for pulling for small pooches.
  • Useful for all the dogs who misbehave while walking.
  • Quick release detachable pins work very well.
  • The collar is flimsy for the strong dogs who pull hard.

#7. SGODA Chain Dog Training Choke Collar

Coming to our last entry from SGoda, it is a choke collar chain which is the best dog collar for pulling for all the dogs. The choke chain contracts the collar when the dog pulls hard and expands when the relaxed. Hence, the dog will have a bit of discomfort every time he pulls. Whereas the dog can walk along with his owner which will keep him from choking.

best collar for large dog that pulls


The shiny finish of the stainless steel chain makes appear like jewelry for the dog than just an accessory. There are total six different collar sizes to choose for the dogs ranging from small dog breeds to the large ones.

  • Dog Neck Size: 16 to 26 inch
  • Suitable for: Moderate Pullers
  • Pull Prevention Strength: 3.5/5
  • Safety Rating: 3/5
  • What We Liked: Shiny strong chain appears like a piece of jewelry

In addition to that, the choke collar is the best dog collar for pulling prevention, especially for aggressive dogs. However, this dog collar for pulling might not be the best option if your dog is a strong puller. Because the choking mechanism will be effective for some situations but not when the dog furiously pulls to chase something during the walk.

The SGoda choker collar for dogs is not suitable for the witty stubborn dogs who pull hard.

  • The shiny smooth finish of the dog chain collar no choke is the best.
  • SGoda collar looks like a piece of jewelry made for the dogs.
  • The no choke dog collar works great for the dogs who do not pull hard.
  • This collar will be useful for the strong dogs as long as you have a strong physique too.
  • Not suitable for the hard pullers.

Buyer’s Guide

This section will helpful for you to narrow down the search of an effective best dog collar for pulling prevention. You can go by this section and learn to understand the purpose of the product before buying it.

On the other hand, we have prepared a list of factors which you need to check prior to buying any product. It will acknowledge you about the proper usage of the collar. In addition to that, it will help you narrow down the best no pull dog collar for your witty champ.

What is a No Pull Dog Collar?

dog walking training collars

No pulling dog collar is the type of dog collar which will either deviate the dog sideways or squeezes when the dog tries to pull hard. In broader terms, the dog collar which helps you control the hard puller dog with utmost ease is called the no pull dog collar.

There are different types of collars which are meant for the same purpose but has different working mechanism from the anti-pull dog collars e.g. Martingale dog collar.

Generally, there are a few types of products which prevent collar pulling. However, all of them will either focus on mildly inflicting the dog to let off the pulling or tactful deviating the dog’s path when he tries to pull hard. Having said that, the choker collar for dogs is an example of inflicting type whereas the head collar is an example of deviating dog’s path.

How Does a No Pulling Dog Collar Work?

muzzle collar

So, you saw the prime principles on which all the anti-pull dog leads work in the above section. In the same manner, this section will describe the working of the no pull dog collar. Firstly, let us start with the collars which do not inflict the dog upon pulling but deviates him from doing so.

We are talking about the head collars, this dog collar for pulling sits on the end of the muzzle towards the face of the dog. Additionally, the head collar will have a strap with quick release buckle at which fits at the back of the dogs head.

Along with that, the collar will have leash ring at the bottom of the dog’s head on one of its straps. Hence, the dog’s head will turn to either of the sides when he tries to pull. As the matter of fact, this type of collar is effective because the dogs can never apply even slight effort to pull the leash using his head. In fact, it will neither choke him nor you will have to put excess efforts controlling him.

On the other hand, we have the no pull dog collar which prevents pulling tendency in stubborn dogs. These collars fit on the neck of the dog but have a contracting and expanding loop.

Therefore the loop connected with the leash will contract when the dog pulls. Similarly, the collar will expand to the regular size when the dog walks by his master’s footsteps. It means the dog will have not have to face mild choking when he walks obediently matching every step with his owner.

How to Choose the Perfect Dog Collar for Walking?

Go through these factors which are prevalent in all the no pull dog collars. All you have to do is consider your dog and get a product which will be the best for his training.

Type of No Pull Dog Collar

best collar for large dog that pulls

We have categorized a few dog collar types which can help the owner to gain control over the stubborn Fido. Therefore, if you have a strong stubborn dog especially the large one who can pull you despite you try your best to resist him then the head collar is the best no pull dog collar.

best dog collar for walking

Whereas, you can go with the choke collar or the prong collar for the stubborn dogs. Generally, these collars will inflict the dog a bit in order to get him to obey his master. It is useful for training the dog to walk alongside his master.

Size of the No Pulling Dog Collar

Getting the perfect size of the collar is necessary and it will ascertain some good behavior on your pooch directly.


You need to assess the traits of your dog to get the most suitable no pull dog collar for him. For simplicity, consider mild, moderate, or aggressive puller which will include all the puller pooches. Thereafter, prefer getting the head collars for the mild puller dogs of all the breed size.

Apart from that, prefer getting the choke or head collars for the moderate pullers especially the large dog breeds. In the same manner, prong collars will be the best for the aggressive dog of all the breed types.


We have seen the best collars for dogs that pull their masters during the walk. There were three major types of no pull dog collars i.e. head collar, choke, and prong collars. All of these products are important for specific dogs who pull hard unnecessarily. However, make sure you don’t overdo the dog training and stick to walking routines only.


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