10 Best Cat Podcasts for People who Love their Cats [2018 List]


You are at the point where you want the cat training or caring advice to be coming from the experienced/experts. It can directionless to follow every advice you get from a fellow neighbor cat lady. Then, it will not be difficult for you to understand the concept of a podcast for cats.

A podcast is similar to a conventional talk show, you have seen a host interviewing the celebrities and fetching the interesting information from them. Similarly, we have the podcasts which with an expert host and even the expert guests invited too. Finally, they will record the audio of their discussion and release it for the public.

The podcast can be any of the following tools for you i.e. learning, laughing/entertainment, exploration, etc. Not to mention, there are many podcasts for cats that discuss only the feline topics.

We have listed the ten best cat podcasts which you will enjoy listening to.

#1. The Community Cats Podcast

best cat podcast

This podcast is very thorough and discusses serious feline topics. It focuses on improving the current scenario and habilitation of cats. The host of the show is not only focusing the shows to help people solve the problems but also has been doing it herself since decades. Stacy LeBaron is an animal welfare activist and volunteering for the cause for decades.

This podcast is more of a medium for the host to share her learning with the people who really want to make a difference. Also, the total number of episodes exceeding the count of 200, all of these episodes focus on the cat-related topics.

If you want to dig deeper to find out about the current feline situations, this podcast is for you. You will be amused with all its informative topics, which are in need of attention as well.

#2. Nine Lives With Dr. Kat

funny cat podcast

This is one of the best shows that focus on addressing lesser-known cat-topics with deep insights. In fact, the host of the show is a veterinarian namely Dr. Kathryn Primm. She happens to be a working professional in an animal hospital named Applebrook.

Further, the show goes by the name Nine Lives which aptly depicts the versatility of the show. Dr. Kat invites many medical(vet) professionals from the veterinarian community. In fact, the podcast is not only limited to vets but also cat experts from other fields as well.

In addition to that, the show covers the cat nutritional requirements, behavioral phenomenon, and methods for becoming a better caretaker/pet owner.

#3. Cattitude

cat looking from window

The title of the podcast is the symbol of the very cat behavior and the show is about the same. Cattitude has involved in discussing many feline topics with an expert guest featuring most of the episodes. Also, Cattitude has covered many cat product reviews in fact, distributed some coupons on rare occasions.

During the initial period, Tom Dock, host of the podcast often discussed the cat breeds and health issues. Furthermore, in the concurrent shows, Michelle Fern have taken that position.

Moreover, Cattitude has taken a leap into the common topics which also interests people who don’t own pet-cats yet. In fact, there are topics for the cat people too ranging from cat litter to the books(guides for cat owners).

Coming to the plot of the podcast, the show ranges in between 20 to 30 minutes. Additionally, the best episode from this podcast is with a featured Cinematographer guest to talk on the Cheetah documentary.

#4. Purrcast

cat podcast series

Here, we have a completely different type of atmosphere for the cats and even you(cat owners). This podcast focuses on recording the unique cat purring sounds. According to Justin and Amy, who are the hosts, express the notion of relaxation after hearing a cat’s purring sound.

In each show, the duo will get record a unique cat sounds with a little bit of discussion about that cat. In fact, they almost share every trait of the cat whose purrs you will be hearing in the same episode.

#5. Awesome Animal Advocates

max a pooch

Awesome Animal Advocates(AAA) is all about making the lives better of not only the feline but all the pet animals. However, this podcast contributes a huge share of discussing the great idea of improving cat habilitations.

The host of the show Keith Sanderson and Max(dog) has invited numerous guest experts on their show. Not to mention that none of the guests was a mere expert of words. In fact, all the guests of the AAA are contributors to solving the problem on a very great tangent.

The podcast will start from any of the pet-related topics and will reach its pace within a few minutes. The guests will end up sharing the most adventurous experiences from their volunteering ventures. Also, the show is directed in such a way that the listeners will get many ideas of contributing to the cause from their ends as well.

#6. Meowster Podcast

cat podcast on itunes

The apparent podcast is a blast of giggles yet informative on the side parts. You will find the host Rebecca Zisch who is cat-behaviorist & a vet-nurse and Tim Black who is the best cat person.

The podcast will be released or updated fortnightly. And, it will be covering the topics about the kitty vids, cat’s nutritional requirements, and a lot more on the cat’s grooming accessories. Further, there are over Hundred episodes released till date and none of it would fail to crack a huge smile on your nut-shell face.

#7. Crazy Cat Podcast

perfect cat talk show

Crazy cat podcast is not a freshly updated podcast yet it has shared some of the best discussions on the feline topics. In fact, there are only six episodes released to date. However, it is worth watching every episode which depicts a sensational life of every cat which humans rarely get a chance to observe themselves.

#8. In a Purrfect World

funny cats

You would want to learn about the rarest feline topics which many of us neglect to pay attention to. However, those points will elevate the whole experience of owning a cat to a new level. The host of the show Pamela Merritt who happens to be a blogger as well as an author leads the show to a specific conclusion after each for the episodes.

In addition to that, this is quite a fresh channel/podcast on the Pet Life Radio(PLR). PLR is the best medium where people register themselves to release their podcast and attract a like-minded crowd.

#9. Tacoma Cat Hospital

cat in a talk show

Here, we have a similar podcast to that of the Nine Lives by Dr. Kat. The apparent podcast host is the renown Dr. Smith who initiated the podcast concept from early 2006 till 2007. However, some of the episodes still found the light of the Sun in 2009.

The inconsistent podcast releases from Dr. Smith is for the reason that his work keeps him busy. He engages in many cat-related operations due to being a renown vet. In fact, you will even get a few of the best explanation on the cat topics like never before. His theories and solutions a pitch-perfect and accurate. Not to mention, his method of elaborating things will make the most complex theories appear simple.

#10. Cat Lady Podcast

cute cats video

Finally, we have our last podcast channel on the list. Cat Lady Podcast is the channel you will find on Stitcher or iTunes. Here, you will find a simpler and information content which is more of a forum and the podcast is just a venture from the Cat Lady.

Coming to the shows, you will not get bored of dissatisfied with the content website releases in their podcast. However, the whole experience will not be very effective for you in the context of the learning process with respect to the time constraint. You will have to keep reading more and more about the cat-related topics on the web along. Because these episodes will take a lot of time in delivering the useful information.

On the other hand, if you are having a lot of time in hand then this podcast is for you. It will not only lighten your mood but also convey a few important tips to handle your feline friend better.

The EndNote

Therefore, this was the list of the best podcasts related to cats from us. We hope now you have something resourceful and helpful. Also, let us know if you have any queries or want to share your experience.

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