25 Best Cat Instagram Accounts for Cat Lovers to Follow Right Now!


Cats are cute. A plain truth, nothing exaggerated. A cat person would be able to see a cat’s cuteness even when actually it is being grumpy. When kitty is everywhere around you (Well, a real cat if you’re a cat parent, and if not, your coffee mug, your screen background, your snickers, a cat tee etc.) how can you miss to see what the best cats across the globe are up to?

Here we have prepared a list of 25 Best Cat Instagram Accounts for you to follow them and enjoy what they post. Enter the list and tell us which kitty you liked the most.


Richard Kitty (@richard_kitty)

This is what I noticed about Richard the cat when I saw him for the first time:

A handsome boy with different colored eyes.

Richard was adopted from a Southern California shelter when he was 2 years old. You would love to see how he is living a life with his pawrents and being pampered.



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