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In this article, I will review some of the best Aquarium Heater available on the market, this will help all the reader to select the perfect one for their aquarium.

All fish are not the same. Some of the fish may prefer cold water, on the other hand, some might prefer hot water. Moreover, some of your tank mates will not prefer a change in water, eventually, this might affect their health condition.

It becomes a necessity for the owner to maintain the correct temperature of their aquarium.

Let us see the best products for you to choose from!

Best Aquarium Heater Reviews: Our Top Picks

The term ‘Heater’ itself connects with heating. I generally use normal water available at home. The water is at room temperature, but this will not be the same throughout the day.

A fish may not adapt to the water change, which makes a need for the heater.

Heater makes sure that your tank mate can survive in the water without any problem.

Here are some of the heater that can make the work easy for you. At the end of the review, you will be able to make choice for a heater of your own.

#1. Fluval E Series

Heater aquarium Fluval E Series


Fluval is a well known and established brand. It has various products in the sector of aquarium ranging from an aquarium to decorative items. Moreover, Fluval launched its heater in the market, E-series heater.

The E-series comes in 4 variant (E-50, E-100, E-200, E-300). We will look forward to E-50 product. This heater is for a tank with 60 L (15 gallons) capacity. The material used is anti-corrosive in nature.

E-series heater can be kept inside the water, i.e, they are submersible. It can be used for any type of water, be it freshwater or marine water. It performs well in both the medium.

One of the most notable features is of the LCD lighting system. The LCD displays temperature change in the water. This will indicate you as soon as the temperature changes.

There are 3 LCDs present on the device, each having its different color. Blue color indicates that the water temperature is below and the device will start heating. Green color indicates that the water temperature is at the correct level. Red indicates the temperature is higher, the device will reduce the temperature of the water.

The heater comes with a bracket, which sets the heater at any angle. This makes easy for the user to set the heater anywhere in the aquarium.

A dial is provided at the top of the heater to adjust the temperature. Whenever you turn the dial it will shift the temperature by 0.5 ° C.

The Fluval heater comprises material of high quality. Which ensures complete safety for the user and the fish. The heater is fully submersible and works well with an external filter. Moreover, it is shatterproof which makes it a one of the best fish tank heater.

  • Firstly, an LCD display.
  • Secondly, the heater is durable.
  • Lastly, the heater ensures the safety of the user.
  • This product might disturb your budget.

#2. EHEIM Aquarium Heater



The 244 mm heater is from the famous brand EHEIM. Located in Germany and well known for its aquarium products this company comes with a new idea for the old version heating rod.

Best Features

The EHEIM heater comes in several ranges based on your aquarium size. We will take a look at EHEIM thermocontrol 50 version.

On the first look, it reflects the look like other heaters. The heater is the advanced version of the heating rod which previously was used to heat water. It is slender in shape and imitates to a tube. Thus, a user can use it easily.

The Aquarium Heater also has a temperature control dial on top of the rod. The user can set the temperature using the dial. You can set the temperature within a range of 18-32° C. This fish tank heater displays accurate temperature, on the LCD screen.

Also, a light indicator is present which indicates the current condition of device, i.e, it is on\off.

Sometimes, you might have faced the problem of heater not working properly. This happens because when the water level goes down, the heater does not get automatically turn off and remains in working condition. This is not the case with this submersible heater.

EHEIM Aquarium Heater is made with such a technology that it will shut down by itself, once the water level goes below the indicated level.

  • The design is really good and easy to handle.
  • The shatterproof material is used for the aquarium heater.
  • It ensures the safety of the user.
  • LCD display.
  • During cold days it gets difficult to maintain the temperature.
  • Sometimes the heater will not perform well.

#3. Aqueon Pro: Fish Tank Heater

Aqueon Pro Aquarium Heater


The next Aquarium Heater that comes on our list is Aqueon Pro. Build for safety with the most durable material shadow plastic. Let’s take a brief look at the feature, this submersible tank has to offer.

Best Features

The Aquarium Heater is designed so that everyone can use without any difficulties. It measures 3.2″ x 1.3″ x 10″ in dimensions. Which makes the submersible heater comparatively smaller in size than the other ones.

It comes in 5 variant (50, 100, 150, 200, 250). The user can select the one acc0rding to their aquarium size. The heater kit comes with a suction cup. These suction cups are of good quality and remain the same over time. The cups ensure the positioning of the heater.

This aquarium has a thermostat which provides with the exact temperature reading for the tank. In addition to that, you can adjust the temperature by the adjustable knob present at the top of the device. The temperature range is from 68-88°C.

The one thing that adds to its feature is its light system. You will like to get notified when the heater is in working state and when it has reached the desired temperature. This makes it easy for the user to have a look at the water temperature.

Two different lights are present on the heater. Red light indicates the heater is heating the water. Green light to show that the water temperature has reached the factory set temperature.

The company ensures that the heater is shatterproof. Thus, it makes your tank mates secure from any kind of failure. Also, this fish tank heater can be used in two directions horizontal, as well as vertical.

  • Aluminum rods ensures the water is heated proportionally.
  • Shatterproof material.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • As the rod is submerged in the water, rust can gather around the rod.
  • Mixed reviews were there regarding the after sale service of this Aquarium Heater.

#4. True Tempt: Heating Element

True Tempt


Used by professional hobbyist True Tempt serves all the feature you look for. This heater has everything in its arsenal, which makes it stand out from others.

Best Features

JBJ introduced its first heater in the market by the name of, ‘True Tempt”. This heater is one of its kind, as it comes with a full kit that other heaters do not offer.

The kit includes aquarium thermostat, LED display, suction cup, safety guard, thermometer, titanium heater and many more. The one thing that makes me buy the most is the simple yet efficient design of the heater.

All the parts are different from each other which makes it easy to use. Moreover, another heater provides the user with a clamp that is made of plastic which sometimes does not fit in your aquarium, right? This is not the case with this aquarium heater. Magnetic clamps are provided which makes it easy to use.

This Aquarium Heater comes with a probe, that is 5 feet long. Usually, the heater has a probe on the device itself, making it difficult for you to use. In this heater, the probe can be detached and you can use from a distance which neglects the possibility of difficulty.

The heater uses titanium rod as a heating element. In order to start the heater, the rod has to be submerged in water. Also, JBJ heater comes with a thermometer, which provides the user to calibrate the temperature by themselves.

A feature that I liked the most is, of a smart chip in True Tempt. So, you don’t have to worry if there is a power cut, it will save all the data in its chip and will display once the heater is working again.

A controller comes with the kit, which displays the current temperature of the water. The controller provides an accuracy of +/- 0.5 F.

  • Firstly, as this Aquarium Heater uses titanium rod, the chances of corrosion are very less.
  • Secondly, temperature calibration is carried out by the user.
  • Thirdly, probe length is around 5 feet which makes it easy for a user to use.
  • Lastly, it comes with a magnetic material rather than a plastic one.
  • The price of the heater is relatively high.

#5. Hydor-Heater: Inline Version Aquarium Heater

Hydro Aquarium Heater


Have you ever thought of a heater that can work with your canister? If not, then you will surely be after reading this product review.

Best Features

When it comes to Inline Aquarium Heater, Hydor delivers the best in class heaters. The heater comes with one of a kind PTC(Positive Thermal Technology) which ensures top-notch safety against any chance of overheating.

The inline heater uses a canister as a secondary unit. Plug the pipe in the bottom opening of the heater. Moreover, it comes with a hook at the top of it making it easy for the user to position it.

After all the required connections are made, keep the heater in a vertical position for best performance. The heater helps you to maintains a suitable temperature for your fish. It becomes a necessity eater to work properly even if the conditions are not well.

The regular heater does not get shut off when there is any hazard. This is not the case with Hydor Heater. The heater controller ensures that during any hazard, the heater will not go haywire.

The heating element has an excellent result, as it evenly spreads heat in all the directions. Moreover, this aquarium heater performs well in marine water as well as in fresh water.

  • Works well with aquarium canister and sumps too.
  • Lifeline of this Aquarium Heater is around 5 years.
  • The size is fairly large.

#6. Cobalt Aquatics: Heater

Cobalt Aquatics Aquarium Heater


considered as one of the best company in the aquarium industry, Cobalt. It has come up with three new heaters Neo-Therm heater, Acu-Therm heater, Mini-Therm heater. We will look at Neo-Therm version.

Best Features

Neo-Therm is a Submersible Aquarium Heater. It has a very sleek design which makes it easy to use and allows you to place at any location in the aquarium.

Not only the look but the performance of the heater is impressive. It contains a thermostat which measures accurately up to ±0.5° F. Moreover, the heater needs a little space because of its flat design.

The one thing that I liked the most is the one-touch temperature system. This system helps you to set the temperature of the heater. The temperature range of this aquarium heater is larger compared to regular ones, which is from 66-96 ° F.

Cobalt heater comes with the LED light system. These lights indicate you about the water temperature. Since the Aquarium Heater is going to be in the water, the LED used in it are of good quality. Furthermore, it has two different stages of the display, it can simultaneously show tank temperature as well as set temperature.

Neo-Therm assures consistent heating of water in all directions. Also, in case of overheating shuts off by itself. The material used is shatterproof, so you don’t have to worry about your fishes in case of any hazard.

  • Firstly, it has a very good design.
  • Secondly, easy to use and handle.
  • Thirdly, the material is shatterproof.
  • Some of the users have reported a malfunction in 200W version.
  • The suction cups sometimes do not stick properly.

#7. Finnex: HMO 200 Aquarium Heater

Finnex Hmo 200


For many people, this should be the right size for the aquarium heater. Finnex series has various heaters, we will take a brief look at HMO 200 version.

Best Features:

This 26.8 m in length provides best in class features. It comes with a titanium tube for heating, a temperature controller, an external probe to measure temperature in the tank.

This version of HMO can be used for 60-80 G tank size. It is a fully submersible heater and computes about 14.5 x 1 x 1 inches. The performance of this heater is good and the user can set the temperature from 70-92 F.

A titanium rod is placed in the water and temperature controller is placed outside the water. LED are used to represent the numerals reading. As the temperature is outside the unit it provides convenience to the user.

As a user, you would like the system as simple as possible. In regular heater, you have to check the temperature by sticking your hand in the water. This is not the case with HMO.

An external probe comes with the unit, which eases you to calibrate temperature. Moreover, the probe is sensitive to temperature changes. Thus, it displays even a slight change in the temperature.

One of the features that got my attention was its alarm system. An alarm system comes with the controller. This controller buzzes every time when the heater gets overheat.

  • Titanium rods ensures proper heating.
  • This could be a budget saver for you.
  • As most of the Aquarium Heater is external, it takes up less space.
  • The suction cups that come with the kit are not of good quality.
  • Warranty period is very less for this device.

#8. Tetra HT: Submersible Aquarium Heater

Tetra Ht


Looking for a heater for your small tank? Tetra HT might sever the purpose for you. Packed with necessary features for a small tank.

Best Features:

Tetra HT aquarium heater series are slender in shape. Also, it is easy to use for aquariums ranging from 2-50 gallons in size.

The heater comes with a thermostat which is the best part about it. It helps to maintain the temperature at 78 F which is the best suitable temperature for your tropical tank mates. Moreover, the HT series comes with LED lights.

Sometimes, due to unawareness, the user tends to touch the heater which can cause serious damage to your skin. The LED lights help in the prevention of such incident. Red light indicates that the heater is working. On the other hand, Greenlight reflects standby position of the heater.

As the Aquarium Heater is small in size, it becomes easy for you to set up the heater at any place you want.

  • Small in size.
  • The thermostat ensures proper heating.
  • The working of this Aquarium Heater is only at a single temperature.
  • A user cannot change the temperature range.


As shown above, we have given the list of the best available aquarium heater in the market.

I hope after reading this article you have made your mind about best tank heater for their fish.

All in all, pick the heater that can sustain your fish and ensures correct temperature. After all, the main goal of this article was to give you a brief detail about the fish tank heaters.

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